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Whether you need legal advice or representation, Goldwater Dubé experienced and passionate attorneys are just a click away. We have been proudly serving clients across the Greater Montreal Area and beyond for over 40 years. Our renowned Montreal law firm boasts a large and diverse team of lawyers practicing different areas of the law, including:

We regularly plead before the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec (in civil, criminal and youth protection divisions), and the Quebec Court of Appeal. We also regularly plead before various administrative tribunals.

No matter your case or how complex it is, our lawyers are well-equipped to handle it.


Goldwater Dubé is a leading Montreal law firm led by Anne-France Goldwater. Our unified team of diverse legal professionals takes a collaborative approach to most cases and clients. You can count on our lawyers to handle complex cases in multiple jurisdictions. Our mission: to provide you with the best possible experience.

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Contact Montreal Lawyers at Goldwater, Dubé

It is important to understand your rights when facing a legal issue. Before entering into an agreement, speaking to a police officer, or ending a marriage, you should always speak to a lawyer.

Our experienced attorneys can explain your rights, protect your interests, and represent you in court when needed. No matter your case, we are committed to providing you the representation you need. Contact our attorneys at Goldwater, Dubé, a Montreal law firm with your best interests at heart, today.

Administrative and Constitutional Lawyers

Administrative law regulates government and public agencies. If you are caught up in legal action by your professional order, a state institution, or a government agency, you will need the help of an administrative law attorney.

Administrative attorneys help individuals and entities appeal negative decisions by public bodies and fight to protect their rights and livelihood.

Public agencies and institutions can impose rules and regulations that can affect your business or profession. Your administrative law lawyer can help you file a complaint with the appropriate administrative tribunal to challenge that rule.

At Goldwater, Dubé, we have an in-depth understanding of administrative procedures and experience dealing with agencies, regulatory bodies, boards and commissions.


Civil and Commercial Lawyers

Experienced civil and commercial law attorneys at Goldwater, Dubé provide day-to-day legal counsel and representation to individuals and businesses across Montreal and beyond. We help our clients solve their conflicts through mediation or litigation.

With the help of our civil and commercial litigation lawyers, you can rest assured that your case is well looked after, regardless of its nature. We handle contract disputes, commercial landlord and tenant conflicts, damage claims, professional liability and related lawsuits.


Criminal Law Lawyers

When facing criminal charges, it is vital to have a team of skilled criminal defence attorneys on your side from the start. We understand how difficult it is to be accused of a crime. Our tenacious criminal law lawyers in Montreal can represent you in all the stages of the criminal process and make sure your constitutional rights are protected. We can help you understand your charges and advise you every step of the way.

Whether you are charged with a drug offence, assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence, our lawyers know what to do. We can build solid defence strategies for you and represent you vigorously in court.

We may be able to get your criminal charges dropped or reduced. We ensure you always get the benefit of the doubt. Contact our criminal law attorneys as soon as possible for a better chance at preserving or regaining your freedom.


Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

From marriage and cohabitation contracts to divorce and child custody, Goldwater, Dubé divorce and family law lawyers are available to help you through any family law issue.

Marital and conjugal disputes are often emotionally charged and require more than an attorney’s legal expertise. We have deep experience dealing with psychologists, social workers, accountants and forensic experts. You also need a divorce and family law lawyer who will listen to you, and who will negotiate and prioritize out-of-court solutions. Our law firm in Montreal has helped thousands of families solve disputes through mediation, collaborative family law, and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

And, needless to say, Goldwater, Dubé has established many notable precedents in family law throughout the years, advancing the rights of women and children, as well as protecting the role of fathers post-divorce.

It is better to consult a divorce and family law attorney before making decisions that may adversely affect your rights and those of your children.

We represent and advise clients in all areas of family law, including:

  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Parental authority and decision-making responsibilities
  • Parental alienation and kidnapping
  • Rights of children to have a voice in proceedings
  • Cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements
  • International matrimonial regimes and protection of assets
  • Common-law spouses
  • Divorce
  • Family patrimony and partnership of acquests
  • Unjust enrichment and the compensatory allowance


Succession Litigation Lawyers

Nothing can tear a family apart faster than a dispute over an inheritance. Questions may arise about the capacity of the deceased to have written a valid will. The authenticity of a will may also be called into question. The contents of a will may be subject to interpretation and misunderstanding. And finally, the administration of an estate by its liquidators may generate tension if there is mismanagement or theft.

If you or a family member are experiencing conflict over the disposition of a succession, Goldwater, Dubé succession litigation and estate lawyers in Montreal can help you.


Youth Protection Lawyers

The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) oversees the safety and welfare of all children in Quebec. The DYP investigates reports of child abuse, neglect and behavioural problems. After the DYP receives a report of a situation of endangerment, a social worker is dispatched to investigate the situation.

If the DYP decides to intervene, they can bring the case before the court and request the implementation of specific measures to protect the child. These measures include restricting contact or removing the child from the parents’ home.

Dealing with the Court and the DYP can be emotionally draining, especially when your side of the story is not considered. Our youth protection lawyers can represent you and defend your parental rights. We have helped many families whose children were removed by the DYP or threatened with placement, and we have successfully defeated the DYP.

Goldwater, Dubé is currently investigating the possibility of offering parents and children whose rights have been violated by the DYP the possibility of taking proceedings in damages against the DYP and its workers. To do so remains difficult at this time, but our thoughtful and determined lawyers are examining all options to bring to light the many deficiencies in the existing system that are harmful to the children who are supposed to be protected.



Poursuite contre le CISSS de Lanaudière

Le Devoir Une famille d'accueil poursuit le CISSS de Lanaudière pour la maltraitance et la négligence subies par une fillette sous la supervision de la DPJ.

Longueuil va de l’avant avec l’abattage des cerfs

98,5 FM Me Anne-France Goldwater continuera de se battre pour la reconnaissance légale de la sentience animale suite à l'annonce que la Ville de Longueuil ira de l'avant avec l’abattage par arbalète d'une centaines de cerfs de Virginie dans le parc régional...

Avocat et polyglotte!

Droit-inc Goldwater, Dubé est fier d'accueillir Me Daniel Romano au sein de son équipe de plaideurs seniors! Fervent partisan du dicton « justice pour tous », le diplômé de l'Université McGill a complété l'examen du barreau de New York en 1995. Au cours des 10...


At our Montreal law firm, we care about your well-being. Whether you need a family law lawyer to navigate sensitive personal matters, a criminal lawyer to defend your rights, or an estate lawyer to ensure your legacy is protected, we are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today and experience empathetic, personalized legal support tailored to your unique needs.

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