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Setting women up to fail

This report from October is very important. We’re talking about the finance world here – some of the most educated and qualified professionals. But the gender gap is obvious and outrageous.

Shortly after graduating, we set up women to fail. The MINUTE a woman even thinks about marriage and family, she is the victim of economic disparities that will last for the rest of her life! This discrepancy is pernicious and cannot be undone without legislation.

The reality is that too many politicians and pundits don’t understand that equality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s supposed to lead to equality of opportunity. Let me repeat that: OPPORTUNITY.

Men and women should be equal but remain different, and they experience life and work differently. The burdens of family tend to rest on the shoulders of women the most. In the next millennium, I hope there will be greater equality in the home, but until then, we have to fashion our family laws in order to put women and children first!

Marriage was conceived for the protection of women and children. It’s strange to me that in modernity we still have to rediscover a foundational element of our civilization.

– Me Anne-France Goldwater