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Managing Partner Daniel Goldwater launches new talk series

Daniel Goldwater, the firm's managing partner, has a launched a new interview series Viva Voce this week, speaking with members of the legal community on hot topics and getting to know the people underneath the robes.

"I've really appreciated getting to know them in a very specific context here, which is not in the courtroom, it's not where we're representing different interests, it's not at some professional training event," Goldwater said. "It's just sitting down, in a soft chair, looking at them in the eyes and asking about their story."

"I'm a sensitive guy. I like storytelling. I like where people come from, and I find it humanizes my colleagues."

Goldwater said he wants to use this show as an opportunity to build community within the profession. It's a place for lawyers to talk about what they're passionate about, what drove them to become lawyers.

"I wanted to show that we're all doing this because we made this choice to do it, we serve our clients, we deal with questions that are often very compelling and that people, I would hope, would want to listen to and see the person behind it," Goldwater said.

If you'd like to learn more about the show, here's a quick interview clip where Goldwater lays out his vision for the show:

In the first episode he speaks with a number of aspiring lawyers going through the course aux stages process, and offers what he's learned running an internship program at the firm:

For the second episode, Goldwater talks with SPCA legal counsel Sophie Gaillard about animal rights in Québec:

And in the third episode, McGill Law School Dean Robert Leckey drops by to talk about the importance of a legal education rooted in philosophy:

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Photo: Émilie Pelletier