Goldwater, Dubé welcomes new lawyer with dual expertise to its team

Aug 1, 2022

Goldwater, Dubé is pleased to announce the arrival of Me Carolyne Desormiers, a seasoned lawyer specializing in both family law, and in civil and commercial litigation to its team.

Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2011, Me Desormiers is an exceptional litigator whose areas of expertise are a natural fit for the firm. As a leader in family law, Goldwater, Dubé is also developing expertise in commercial litigation and contract law over the decades.

“We are delighted to welcome Me Desormiers, recognized for her experience and tenacity, to the firm,” said Senior Partner Me Anne-France Goldwater. “Her dual expertise in family law and in civil and commercial law, as well as her knowledge of the construction sector, make her an ideal collaborator.”

In family matters, Me Desormiers excels in navigating disputes specifically relating to divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, parental alienation, division of property held in co-ownership and unjustified enrichment.

In civil matters, her experience covers disputes relating to construction, commercial leases and latent defects, as well as conflicts pertaining to the interpretation, respect and execution of contractual obligations.

For Me Desormiers, the prospect of joining a firm with common values, headed by a woman whose tenacity has contributed to the evolution of family law and Quebec society, was a deciding factor.

“The idea of ​​practising law in a more proactive environment, of being an agent of change, immediately appealed to me,” she said.

Me Desormiers, who obtained her law degree from l’Université de Montréal in 2009, offers attentive, personalized and benevolent support, prioritizing alternative methods of conflict resolution whenever possible.

“For me, success is having helped clients reach a mutually satisfactory resolution,” she explained. “First and foremost, I try to help people find common ground and mutual understanding.”

Me Desormiers describes herself as a sociable and fun-loving person. But when a conflict file becomes litigious, her competitive spirit and natural ease before the courts make her a formidable litigator. She is often referred to as a “warrior,” she said.

“When the need is there, I am at my best in court,” she added. “I believe I have the skills to convince the court and to present a case in the most effective and rigorous manner possible.”

Me Desormiers has distinguished herself over the course of several complex and high-profile cases. Some have given rise to decisions that are now part of Quebec jurisprudence.

Perfectly fluent in French and English, Me Desormiers has built her career with firms in the Montreal region and the North Shore while travelling frequently across Quebec. She pleads before the Court of Appeal, the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec as well as in appeal proceedings before administrative tribunals.

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