Goldwater, Dubé welcomes senior litigator Me Daniel Romano

Aug 9, 2023

Goldwater, Dubé, a Canadian leader in family law since 1981, and its founder, Me Anne-France Goldwater, are pleased to welcome Me Daniel Romano to its team of senior litigators. He is an established Montréal-based lawyer whose multidisciplinary practice, rigorous work ethic and varied interests have earned him accolades throughout Québec’s legal community.

Me Romano has obtained record damages in Canadian courts for conjugal violence, set benchmarks for internet privacy and online sexual abuse, and judgments in his favour have been used in Québec Bar Association case studies across the province.

For the past 10 years, Me Romano was Managing Partner of the law firm, Kalman Samuels & Associates, where he specialized in private international law and family law. The firm, founded in 1957 by the late Me Kalman Samuels and Me Stella Flader Samuels, has a longstanding reputation for excellence in interjurisdictional family law.

“I very much enjoyed working for an institution like Kalman Samuels and am grateful for the experience,” said Me Romano. “Now, with Goldwater, Dubé, it’s like moving to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. I look forward to mastering my new role and really stepping up for the firm.”

A devout believer in “justice for all,” the McGill University graduate (B.C.L., LL.B 1996) completed the New York Bar Exam in 1995 and went on to the world of entrepreneurship, where he founded successful ventures in small business financing and corporate team-building. Me Romano’s ventures and adventures have taken him across the globe, having developed professionally in Japan, Israel and the Philippines. He is fluent in Japanese, and when not in court or preparing for it, he can be found in a ring, most recently in April taking second place at the 2023 Full Contact Karate Championship of Shihan André Gilbert, the largest such tournament in North America.

“We are thrilled to expand Goldwater, Dubé in a way that ensures continuity and innovation, not only in the judicial sphere but at a philosophical level as well,” said Me Goldwater. “Me Romano brings serious credentials to the table in private international law, kidnapping and personal injury. He is an excellent fit; a brilliant and bold polyglot who adds Japanese to the firm’s growing list of languages served.”

It is his support of Ukrainian refugees that has touched his new colleagues at Goldwater, Dubé as Me Romano has been donating his legal services to new arrivals in Québec to ease their transition from a conflict zone, and he and his wife have even opened up their own home to host over a dozen displaced persons unable to secure accommodations.

“As I see it, if you’ve made your community better in some way by helping the people around you, that feeling, for me, is like floating on air. And that’s the beauty of practicing law: people come to me with serious problems in their lives, and I have the skills and the passion to solve those problems. It has always been my mission to help my clients get through their conflicts as efficiently and compassionately as possible.”

Photo: Scott Graham // Unsplash

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