Three new lawyers join Goldwater, Dubé

Mar 1, 2021

Goldwater, Dubé is pleased to announce that the firm continues to expand into 2021 with the arrival of three attorneys and two stagiaires.

The ambitious new recruits’ expertise in family law, youth law and criminal law responds to the growing demands of our clientele. The first appointment is a veteran of family and youth law, while the second and third are ambitious, up-and-coming family and criminal law specialists.

“Over the past year, we have seen many inadequacies in Quebec’s youth protection system that our team has helped to correct. For this reason, we are thrilled to be expanding our expertise in this very sensitive and often misunderstood area of family law,” said Me Anne-France Goldwater, senior partner, Goldwater, Dubé. “It is a pleasure to have Me Ouimet back with us, and the addition of Me Loriston and Me Bordeleau reflects our growing strength in criminal law, essential to best protect and defend our society’s most vulnerable.”

Me Marie-France Ouimet, LL.M.

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Me Ouimet is a veteran of family law who has developed an expertise in youth protection, having studied under some of Quebec’s brightest legal minds. She previously worked alongside Me Goldwater and was instrumental in overturning breed-specific legislation (BSL or “pit bull” bans) in Quebec in 2019.

She obtained her law degree from l’Université de Montréal in 2014, followed by her Master’s degree in youth protection, under the supervision of McGill Law School Dean Robert Leckey. During her studies, she completed a stage supervised by judges of the Superior Court.

Me Ouimet then completed her Bar internship at the city of Laval’s legal aid office, where she handled a large volume of dossiers in family law and civil law. She then chose to join the city of Montreal’s legal aid office to practice criminal law, mental health law and youth law. Until recently, Me Ouimet acted as counsel for Quebec’s Director of Youth Protection (DPJ); her expertise in youth files, criminal files and family law is an invaluable asset to the firm.

“It is a great pleasure to be back with Goldwater, Dubé, having spent two years here as a litigation consultant. It is above all a privilege to again have the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples’ lives,” Me Ouimet said. “On all of my files, I prioritize a human and transparent approach from a perspective that centres around the child.”

Me Ouimet can be reached at

Me Patrick Loriston, B.Sc., LL.L.

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Me Patrick Loriston joined the Quebec Bar in 2018 and received his degree in civil law from the University of Ottawa. He also holds a specialized BA in international development from the University of Ottawa.

In 2018, Me Loriston began his career with Michaud, Bernier in his hometown of Gatineau, where he discovered his passion for family law. But his law career was paused only two years later when he decided to join the Canadian Forces — a childhood dream. But his passion for justice was too much to ignore, and soon he returned to his true calling.

“I’ve been drawn to family law since my university days, and it’s a source of great fulfillment,” Me Loriston said. “Culturally, I’m a person who places tremendous value on the importance of family. My relationship with a client — listening, working together, finding the best solution for them — this is what gets me up in the morning.”

Me Loriston can be reached at

Me Léonie Bordeleau, LL.L., LL.M

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Me Leonie Bordeleau holds a Master’s degree in criminal law from the University of Sherbrooke and a bachelor degree in law from the University of Ottawa; she also has experience working on complex constitutional files. Deeply committed to protecting the rights of her clients, Me Bordeleau is published in the Canadian Journal of Children’s Rights; her 2018 article is a brilliant look into the complexity of children’s interests with regard to shared custody.

She practiced criminal law for nearly three years and notes how much it intersects with family law — particularly in cases where domestic violence is involved.

“What I hope to offer, and what I like about Goldwater, Dubé, is the ability to really engage clients while offering the reassurance and support they need at such a difficult time. Personalized service, optimized to a client’s needs: this is what I strive for. I am passionate about the law, I love my work, and I could not imagine myself doing anything else.”

Me Bordeleau can be reached at

Régina McCamus, LL.L., Stagiaire

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Me Régina McCamus earned her degree from the University of Ottawa in 2020. She brings a solid legal background to Goldwater, Dubé, having worked as a paralegal for nearly three years while studying at night to earn a certificate in civil law from Université de Montréal (2016). Her areas of interest include child custody, estate law and divorce.

“I think anyone who pursues this type of career needs to have passion. We work with people who may or may not know the full extent of their rights, and I find it really fulfilling being able to help them understand what they’re entitled to.”

Mario Taoutel, LL.B., Stagiaire

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Mario Taoutel received his law degree from Université de Montréal (2020) and went directly to Bar school, which he successfully completed just this month. He has only been with Goldwater, Dubé for a few weeks now and looks forward to finding his niche.

“It’s a great work environment that encourages independence but gives you incredible support to succeed, making you feel like you are always part of a team,” he said. “We’re changing lives here; what we do is very important to the people we work with and it’s only right that I give all I have.”

Header photo: Gabrielle Henderson // Unsplash

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