Canadian Passport Application

The Canadian Passport Application process involves completing forms furnished by the Canadian Government that can be completed online and printed for submission, or printed and completed by hand.

We recommend completing them online to reduces the risk of mistakes, which can delay the processing of your application. Remember that for a child’s passport, both parents must sign the child’s passport application form.

In addition, if one parent wishes to travel with the child outside the country, an authorization letter signed by the other parent is now required to prevent unpleasant situations where Customs agents may refuse the child permission to cross the border. This authorization letter must indicate the duration of the trip, the precise destination, and the coordinates of the parent giving the authorization (in the event the Customs agent wishes to verify the authenticity of the signature). In addition, it is preferable to have someone witness the signing of the authorization letter (such as a notary or attorney).

Be sure when settling your separation or divorce to have a provision as to which parent will be entitled to hold the child’s passport, and how the use of the child’s passport will be shared between the parents during vacation periods.

For more information about the rules governing issuance of Canadian passports, especially for children, please refer to the Canadian Passport Order.