Child Support Determination Form (Schedule 1)

The Child Support Determination Form (Schedule 1) must be completed to permit the court to fix or modify child support. It must be completed even if both parents come to an agreement on child support.

You must also include these documents, where applicable: your employment earnings slip (T-4), financial statements of your earnings from business or self-employment, and a statement of rental revenues and expenses. You must also provide your federal and provincial income tax returns and notices of assessment for the most current year. Current income tax returns and notices of assessment must also be filed along with the Schedule 1.

If you fail to include these documents, the Court may estimate your true revenue and attribute a higher income, with all the risks this entails.

Do not forget to complete the “Assets and Liabilities” page or the form will be rejected by the Court!

This form covers a wide range of custodial arrangements (such as split custody, or joint custody for some children and sole custody for others within the same family), and so permits an exact calculation of child support even in complex custodial situations. You only need to complete the section that applies to you.

Each party must indicate the date upon which he or she completed the form and sign it. In cases of a joint application, only one Schedule 1 is produced by both the two parties, who sign it together. Each party must be sworn in before a commissioner of oaths, who will also sign and indicate the date of swearing in.