Statement Required Under Article 444 CCP

The Statement Required Under Article 444 C.C.P. is a form used by Revenu Québec (the official name of the Quebec’s revenue ministry) in order to collect spousal support and child support, free of charge, on behalf of the recipient spouse.

This collection is done this by means of automatic deductions at source from salaried workers, orders of payment from self-employed workers and professionals, and by forced seizures against defaulting debtors. And, thanks to our firm’s lawsuit against the government, self-employed workers with single payers, such as doctors and surgeons, are now subject to deductions at source and support will be collected automatically from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)!

Revenu Québec also has the right to seize income tax refunds, employment insurance payments and other government benefits, which are all then directed to the payment of spousal support and child support.

The purpose of the “Sworn Statement under Article 444 of the Code of Civil Procedure” is to permit Revenu Québec to open a file for the alimentary creditor (usually the wife, on her own behalf and/or for the children) and the alimentary debtor (usually the husband).

This document provides the Revenu Québec the necessary information to collect spousal and child support. The information in this form is communicated directly to Revenu Québec, and then the original document is destroyed, to protect confidentiality. Revenu Québec is not entitled to use this information for purposes of tax collection.