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Are you facing charges of fraud? You may need to retain the services of a fraud attorney in Montreal as soon as possible.

Under Section 380 of the Criminal Code, a fraud charge may be brought for acts of deceit, falsehood, or other fraudulent means with the intention to deprive the public or a person of money, property, services, or valuable security.

A fraud conviction may lead to long years behind bars. Even if you complete a lengthy sentence, you may still have a criminal record that can affect your career, job and housing opportunities. A fraud attorney from Goldwater Dubé will work to get your charges dismissed or mitigate the adverse effects of a fraud conviction on your life.


What Are Some Examples of Fraud in Montreal?

Fraud is a financial crime that comes in many forms and takes place in different settings. Some types of fraud are called white-collar crimes because they are committed by people in corporate settings. Typical examples of fraud include:

  • Tax fraud

  • Credit and debit card fraud

  • Bank fraud

  • Identity theft

  • Medical fraud

  • Insurance fraud

  • Stock market fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Internet fraud

  • Misrepresentation of legal documents

  • Forgery

If you are accused of bankruptcy fraud, our bankruptcy lawyer can help.

What Are the Penalties for Fraud?

The penalties for fraud depend on the value of the property defrauded. The Crown prosecutor may try the case summarily or as an indictment. An indictment conviction for a property below $5000 leads to up to two years of jail time. The prosecution may decide to proceed summarily for less serious fraud offences committed by first-time offenders.

If the property value is above $5000, the maximum punishment is up to fourteen years imprisonment. For properties over $1 million, the court may impose a minimum sentence of up to two years imprisonment.

How Does the Court Determine the Penalties for Fraud?

The court may consider the nature of the offence, the amount involved, and other aggravating circumstances when deciding the penalty for fraud, including:

  • The complexity, duration and degree of planning in executing the fraud

  • The effect on the economy or financial market

  • The number of victims affected, including their age, health and financial situation

  • The extent of the impact on the victims

  • Whether you exploited your position or reputation in the community

  • Whether you failed to comply with regulations or professional standards

  • Whether you concealed or destroyed records related to the fraudulent activity

What Does the Crown Have to Prove to Get a Fraud Conviction?

To obtain a conviction, the Crown prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offence. They must show that you intended to defraud the other party. This is a vital element of fraud charges. If you had no intention to defraud the other party for personal gain, the court may dismiss the case.

The prosecutor must also show that your actions resulted in the other party’s loss. There may be no conviction if the victim suffers no loss because of your actions. For example, you fraudulently obtained a credit card but didn’t use it to make any purchases. In this case, it may be charged with simple theft rather than fraud.

If your case involves multiple victims, you may face multiple fraud charges. A conviction for one of the charges may influence your conviction for another. A criminal lawyer from Goldwater Dubé can negotiate a reduced charge or penalty with the prosecutors on your behalf. We can examine your case and fight to obtain a favourable outcome every step of the way.

Are There Defences For Fraud?

As mentioned earlier, fraud requires intent which must be proven beyond all reasonable doubt. Therefore, making poor business decisions or miscommunications will not count as fraud. Proving that you never intended to defraud the party is a solid defence against fraud.

You may also show that the fraudulent activity happened by mistake and not through deceitful or dishonest means.

How to Choose the Right Fraud Lawyer?

The defence lawyer handling your fraud case plays a significant role in the outcome of the case. Therefore, choosing a skilled lawyer to represent you is crucial if you want to walk free. You may consider the following factors when retaining legal counsel:


Having a fraud lawyer with years of experience practicing criminal law is crucial. Goldwater Dubé has been representing clients across Quebec and Canada for decades, and its lawyers have been carefully vetted. Our attorneys are well versed in the legal process and the laws governing fraud. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to bring you positive outcomes.


Another vital factor to consider is your lawyer’s reputation. Are they well-known in the legal field? What do their clients have to say about them? Goldwater Dubé has a proven track record of success and an outstanding reputation in Montreal. We have been at the heart of some of the most important decisions in recent Canadian history.


Criminal cases can be overwhelming, and you will likely have several questions. You need a lawyer that is available and responsive and whom you feel comfortable talking with.

Speak to a Fraud Lawyer From Goldwater Dubé

Fighting criminal fraud accusations can be challenging, especially when you had no intention to commit a crime.

Our attorneys can get your charges reduced or dismissed by building a solid defence strategy for you. We can challenge the prosecution’s evidence by providing expert witnesses and analyzing financial records to identify weaknesses or inconsistencies.

If you are charged with fraud, you should exercise your right to remain silent and contact our law office immediately. Police officers will use whatever you say as incriminating evidence against you.


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