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Pitbulls : Anne-France Goldwater plaide pour des amendes

« C’est le modèle de Calgary qui fonctionne », plaide l’avocate. Un permis pour chien plus accessible et obligatoire, des programmes de stérilisation gratuits pour les familles à faible revenu et des amendes pour financer ces programmes, voilà ce qu’il faut, selon elle.

Anne-France Goldwater in The Lawyers' Weekly

“The judgment is blatantly wrong in law, and shame on the attorney general of Quebec for arguing that.” In the March 4th issue, Me Goldwater weighs in on a controversial Quebec Superior Court decision ruling that religious weddings do not necessarily carry any legal obligations under civil law.

Changes coming for unwed couples: Me Goldwater weighs in

“It means a whole bunch of nothing. It means we have yet another report that someone can put on a shelf to gather dust.” – Anne-France Goldwater weighs in on Quebec government recommendations to deal with “common law” couples in Quebec on CJAD 800’s The Exchange with host Yolande James.

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