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Me Frédérique Gascon LL.B.

Frédérique Gascon is an attorney at our firm and was selected as an articling student among over 120 applicants during the highly competitive Course aux stages recruitment process, and we are proud to have her among us.

A top performer in her family law studies at the law faculty of Université de Montréal, she is particularly passionate about the field because the decisions family law practitioners make have lasting effects on the deepest linkages citizens have between each other. The depth of what is at stake summons the best within her and demands intellectual and performative rigour.

During her studies, she interned at the Comité Logement Lachine-Lasalle, helping tenants find practical legal solutions to conflicts with their landlords. She also held a seat at the Executive Committee of the Fonds étudiant pour la défense juridique des animaux (FEDJA), a law student committee which promotes the legal rights of animals and contributes to this new and rapidly developing field of law.

As a word of advice to law students, Frédérique says:

“Discover yourself and never lose sight of the fact that a jurist’s ultimate mission is to serve their community and to find real solutions for citizens in need of their legal expertise. The legal landscape is vast, so take the time to find a part of it where you feel most at home.”

Frédérique is fluent in French and English.

Had she not chosen to become an attorney, she would have worked as an animal rescue agent.

Qualifications & Associations

  • Graduate of Université de Montréal, Faculty of Law (LL.B.), 2017
  • Member of the Quebec Bar since 2018

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