Daniella Cienfuegos


Me Daniella Cienfuegos is a lawyer at Goldwater, Dubé and first joined our team in February 2023 as an articling student under the supervision of Me Carolyne Desormiers.

During her internship, she performed various legal tasks such as drafting legal documents, participating in consultations, representing clients before the courts, preparing for trials, as well as developing legal strategies and negotiating settlement agreements. She has been involved in the various stages of preparing a litigation file and has had the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned lawyers from our office in several areas of expertise.

Prior to her university studies, Daniella obtained her DEC in the Paralegal Technology program from O’Sullivan College of Montréal. She further pursued her legal studies and obtained her bachelor’s degree in civil law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Québec in Montreal in 2022. Having been selected as an articling student for our firm through the highly competitive Course aux Stages process in 2022, she completed her articling position after successfully completing her Barreau studies in early 2023.

Throughout her studies, Daniella had also worked for the Department of Justice Canada in tax litigation department. In addition, she also had the opportunity to volunteer on racial profiling cases at the Clinique juridique de Montréal-Nord. Her desire and passion to provide equal justice to those involved in the delicate issues arising in family law and youth protection greatly increased through her involvement with the community, honest self-reflection and her intellectual curiosity.

Daniella is fluent in English, French and Spanish. If she hadn’t been a lawyer, she would have been a private detective.


      • Graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal, Faculty of Law (LL.B.), 2022
      • Member of the Quebec Bar since 2023


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