Emre Barak


Me Emre Barak has been a lawyer since 2023 and joined our team after completing his position as an articling student at Kalman Samuels under the supervision of Me Daniel Romano. During his articling, he performed a variety of legal tasks such as managing cases, representing clients in Court, negotiating settlement agreements, drafting legal documents, developing legal strategies, as well as researching facts and jurisprudence in a variety of cases.

From the start of his law studies at the University of Montreal, he was involved in various roles, notably as the Artistic Director of the student law journal, Le pigeon dissident. He was responsible for preparing articles for publication, participating in the executive council to manage internal and external issues and taking place in the conception of new projects.

With his knowledge of a variety of legal databases, Emre is adept at legislative, jurisprudential, and doctrinal research. He is also skilled at analyzing and resolving problems efficiently, working in a team while building positive social relationships, demonstrating leadership, and organizing effectively. He is committed to delivering quality work, adapting to different situations, and obtaining satisfactory outcomes.

With a clear understanding of the issues surrounding family law and youth protection, Emre is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating through their legal situations and providing them with optimal solutions that take into consideration their best interests.

Emre is fluent in French, English, and Turkish. Had he not become a lawyer, he might have pursued a career in the theatre arts.


  • Member of the Quebec Bar since 2023
  • Graduate of University of Montreal, Faculty of Law (LL.B.), 2017


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