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Gabrielle Bisson B. Sc.

Gabrielle joined our team through the Course aux stages process as a law student in May 2022 and will then complete her articling to join the Barreau in 2024.

She is currently completing her law degree at the University of Montreal and plans to complete it in May 2023.

A graduate in criminology, Gabrielle has developed a strong interest in the law particularly as it relates to youth protection and applying a psychosocial approach to legal interventions. More specifically, she interned with the Department of Youth Protection (DYP) and this allowed her to acquire a greater understanding of the various issues surrounding children's rights as well as a sensitivity to the realities that families can experience when DYP officials intervene in their family. During her law studies, she had the opportunity to get involved in a pro bono project studying parental alienation and analyzing the recent report of the special commission on children's rights and youth protection (known as the "Rapport Laurent").

Passionate about helping individuals navigate the law in all its complexity and diversity, she wishes to be an agent of change by having a human approach, based on empathy and active listening in order to better identify the needs of her clientele.

Gabrielle is fluent in French and English. If she hadn't been a law student, she would have been a psychiatrist.

Qualifications & Associations

  • Graduate of University of Montreal (LL.B.), 2023 (prospective)
  • Graduate of University of Montreal (B. Sc.), criminology, 2020

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