Natalie Shelkovsky


Me Natalie Shelkovsky joined our team in November 2022.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa in 2018 and became a member of the Quebec Bar in 2020.

During her university studies, Natalie had the opportunity to gain practical experience by working as a summer student in a family and immigration law firm. During her third year of law school, she also worked on a research project regarding the protection of children in the context of advertising.

Having a strong interest in family law, these experiences inspired her to article at the Bar in this area of law and to focus her practice there, as soon as she became a lawyer in 2020. Before joining us, Natalie worked on several files independently in a firm specializing in family law, which allowed her to develop solid legal reflexes from the start of her career.

Armed with this background, Natalie regularly pleads before the Superior Court, particularly in the context of highly contested trials. Although she always tries to favor amicable settlements, Natalie does not hesitate to go to court when it is necessary to do so.

For Natalie, it is the human aspect of family law that makes it truly rewarding. Her active listening skills allow her to quickly identify the different needs of her clients. She understands that a divorce or separation is a difficult time for them and therefore always takes care to explain the different stages to them, in order to support them throughout the process.

Natalie is fluent in French, English and Russian, in addition to having a good knowledge of Spanish. If she hadn’t been a lawyer, she would surely have been a psychologist.


  • Graduate of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (LL.L.), 2018
  • Member of the Quebec Bar since 2020


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