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If you are considering getting a divorce from your spouse or proceedings have already been instituted and you are in the thick of litigation, our experts in the domain will help you through the process. We can help with every aspect of any legal dispute relating to your family, whether it be a custody dispute, mediation, international kidnapping, complex divisions of family property, protection of family assets, execution of a separation of divorce judgment, adoption matter, or any matter relating to common-law spouses of cohabitation agreements and so on.

Family Law Attorney in Montreal

Are you going through family issues like divorce, legal separation, or child custody? Compassionate family lawyers at Goldwater, Dubé are happy to assist you. Experienced family law attorneys can help you through any family-related legal issues you face.

Family law in Montreal, Quebec is governed by the federal Divorce Act and the Civil Code of Quebec (CCQ). These federal and provincial legislations regulate divorce and post-divorce issues.

For three decades, Goldwater, Dubé family law lawyers have been helping Canadian families go through challenging legal processes such as divorce, child custody, and adoption. Our lawyers are considered among the best family lawyers in Montreal. No matter your situation, our family lawyers can help you find your peace of mind again. Our full-service Montreal law firm has the knowledge, experience, and resources to fight for you.

Family Law Cases We Handle

Our law firm supports families across Quebec through the following processes:

  • Prenuptial agreements: We help couples draft legally binding prenuptial agreements, also known as marriage contracts, before they tie the knot. These agreements outline the couple’s individual and shared assets and how these should be managed in case of divorce.
  • Cohabitation agreements: Family law attorneys at Goldwater Dube help common-law spouses and unmarried couples protect their individual assets and set out their obligations in a cohabitation agreement.
  • Divorce: Dissolving a marriage is a trying time. Our decades-long experience in divorce cases can bring you the favourable results you anticipate.
  • Child custody: Child custody is one of the biggest challenges following a divorce, especially a non-amicable one. A family law lawyer​family lawyers can help you initiate or defend your child custody case.
  • Adoption: The adoption process in Quebec is complicated. If you are considering adoption, we can advise and support you throughout the process.
  • Child support: After a divorce, parents must support their children financially to cover their everyday needs. If you have a child support case where the other parent is not cooperative, we can help.
  • Spousal support: After a divorce or legal separation, the economically dependent spouse may be entitled to spousal support, also called alimony, payments by the ex-spouse. If you think you deserve alimony, our family attorneys can help.
  • Division of property: According to Quebec’s family patrimony division provisions, assets are partitioned equally after a divorce unless a judge decides differently. If you believe you’ve received an unfair partition decision, we can help you.
  • Child Abduction: Removing a child in breach of the custody rights of the ex-spouse is considered child abduction and carries both civil and criminal implications in Montreal.
  • Youth Protection: Our law firm in Montreal has helped many families regain their parental authority after their children are taken away from them by the Director of Youth Protection.
  • Parental alienation: A parent may attempt to ruin the relationship between children and their other parent, usually to maintain full custody. If you’ve suffered parental alienation due to your ex-spouse’s false claims, we can help you seek court intervention.


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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not all family disputes lead to litigation and trials. Some spouses and parents opt for family mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods to solve their issues away from courts and minimize conflicts.

Lawyers at Goldwater, Dubé are experienced impartial mediators for families who choose not to go to court. We can help you and your current or ex-spouse reach a fair resolution. Family mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes collaboratively and amicably.

Attorneys practising collaborative family law can provide another alternative to litigation and mediation. Collaborative family law helps couples and their lawyers negotiate a satisfactory settlement for everyone involved.

A family lawyer can advise you on the alternative dispute resolution methods available for you.


Family law issues are often emotionally draining. Without a proper understanding of the law and adequate legal counsel, you may lose your custodial, marital property, and spousal support rights.

Depending on your situation, a family lawyer can explain your legal rights and help you understand your cohabitation or marriage contract before or after signing. They can also help you gather and present convincing evidence to build a strong case if you are starting or going through a lawsuit.



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    All our client engagements start with an initial consultation with one of our lawyers who will assess your case, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the next steps to take.

    Should you decide to move forward, we will request a retainer to cover the cost of preparing your file, issuing your proceedings and going to court if necessary. Depending on the urgency of your situation, your needs and your desires, we are ready to prepare your proceedings the same day as your consultation.

    We offer a range of attorneys with different levels of experience, different strengths and different hourly rates. We handle your file as a team, so that resources are allocated sensibly and your budgetary constraints are respected to the extent possible.

    If your budget can only sustain the services of one of our more junior lawyers, your case will be treated with the same rigour and precision for which our firm is known.

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    Choosing the right family attorney is one of the most critical decisions when dealing with family issues. Thousands of families choose Goldwater Dube thanks to our decades-long experience, excellent track record, and diverse legal team.

    Depending on your needs, our family law firm can:

    • Negotiate and draft your prenuptial or cohabitation agreements
    • Represent you in your divorce, child custody, or child support case
    • Act as arbitrators or mediators if you wish to settle outside of court
    • Help you understand complex family and divorce laws
    • Handle jurisdictional disputes in your child custody case
    • Build a strong case for your spousal support claim to ensure that you are awarded the right alimony amount
    • Assist you in filling out your adoption paperwork
    • Provide objective and experienced advice regarding your divorce
    • Handle appeals on a wide range of family law matters

    Whether your case is filed with a Court of Quebec, Superior Court of Quebec, or, on rare occasions, federal court, we can help you.

    Let a Family Lawyer From Goldwater, Dubé Assist You

    Handling family matters without the help of a family law lawyer is a serious disadvantage. Family laws are complex, and without adequate legal counsel, you risk losing custody of your kids or receiving unfavourable outcomes.

    If you need help resolving a family law matter, the team at Goldwater Dube is here to assist you. We understand the nature of family issues and their effect on all involved parties, especially children.

    Our family attorneys have a thorough knowledge of family, criminal, and civil law and have helped thousands of families with their divorce, child custody, and other family issues. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys will fight for your rights.

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